Baldur’s Gate 3 Controls: PC and Controller

Understanding the controls for Baldur’s Gate 3 is instrumental to your gaming experience, offering you a commanding grasp over the game’s intricate mechanisms across various platforms. The underpinning details provided here specifically relate to the PC gaming platform, facilitating a comprehensive interpretation of the control system for this version of the game.


Gaming controls serve as your physical conduit to the fantastical world of Baldur’s Gate 3, dictating your interactions and engagements within the gaming environment. They are not merely buttons to press; they are the language of your in-game maneuvers, defining the rhythm and pace of your adventure.


Camera Backward S / Down
Camera Center Home
Camera Forward W / Up
Camera Left A / Left
Camera Right D / Right
Camera Rotate Left Delete
Camera Rotate Right End
Camera Zoom In Page Up / Mouse Scroll Up
Camera Zoom Out Page Down / Mouse Scroll Down
Toggle Camera Rotate Middle Mouse Button
Toggle Tactical Camera O
Cancel Action Escape / Right Mouse Button
Climbing Toggle Left Shift
Context Menu Right Mouse Button
Cycle Characters Next Right Bracket
Cycle Characters Prev Left Bracket
Destruction Toggle Left Ctrl
Go to Camp  
Highlight Character Grave / Backtick
Interact Left Mouse Button
Leave Camp  
Place Ping Beacon Backslash
Rotate item left Mouse Scroll Down
Rotate item right Mouse Scroll Up
Select Char 1 F1
Select Char 2 F2
Select Char 3 F3
Select Char 4 F4
Select Slot 0 0 / Numpad 0
Select Slot 1 1 / Numpad 1
Select Slot 11 Minus / Numpad Subtract
Select Slot 12 Equals / Numpad Add
Select Slot 2 2 / Numpad 2
Select Slot 3 3 / Numpad 3
Select Slot 4 4 / Numpad 4
Select Slot 5 5 / Numpad 5
Select Slot 6 6 / Numpad 6
Select Slot 7 7 / Numpad 7
Select Slot 8 8 / Numpad 8
Select Slot 9 9 / Numpad 9
Short Rest  
Show world Tooltips Left Alt
Skip Video Escape
Toggle Combat Mode Tab
Toggle Input Mode X
Toggle Weapon Set V
End Turn Space
Enter Turn-based Mode Space
Leave Turn-based Mode Shift + Space
Quick Load F8
Quick Save F5
Show Sneak Cones Left Shift
Show Text Chat Return
Split Item Toggle Left Shift / Right Shift
Toggle Actions Bar on Hot Bar X
Toggle Character Panels B
Toggle Character Sheet N
Toggle Craft G
Toggle Equipment E
Toggle In-Game Menu Escape
Toggle Info Left Ctrl
Toggle Inventory I
Toggle Journal L
Toggle Map M
Toggle Party / Character Overview Tab
Toggle Presentation mode F10
Toggle Sneak C
Toggle Spell K
Toggle Turn-based Mode  
Toggle party management panel Y
UI Cancel Escape / Escape
UI Hot Bar Next R
UI Hot Bar Prev F
UI Take All Space


Previous LB
Selection UP L
Toggle Cursor R
Select Left D-Pad Up
Select Right D-Pad Down
Toggle Info D-Pad Right
Selection Down D-Pad Left
Toggle Group Mode RSB (3)
Toggle Turn-based Mode Back
Game Menu Start
Next RB
Interact/Select A
Cancel/Back B
Actions X
Cast/Sort/Swap Y

PC Controls Insight

On a PC, the controls are a harmonious blend of keyboard and mouse inputs, each fulfilling a distinct purpose in the gaming experience. The keyboard allows for seamless character navigation, while the mouse makes for intuitive point-and-click interactions with the game world.

Navigating through the labyrinthine world of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will find the control scheme on PC to be responsive and immersive. The keys are your tools of exploration, combat, and strategy, giving you direct control over the unfolding narrative.

Depth of Control

A truly immersive role-playing game like Baldur’s Gate 3 requires a control scheme that extends beyond basic navigation. Every intricate detail of the gaming environment, each interaction with characters or objects, the subtlety of strategic choices, all demand a depth of control that resonates with the complexity of the game world. And this is precisely what the PC control setup offers.

Elements of Interaction

Through the dual control scheme, you can interact with various elements of the game world. The keyboard acts as a Swiss army knife of commands, enabling you to switch between weapons, use abilities, access menus, and manage your inventory. Simultaneously, the mouse pointer allows you to examine, pick up, or interact with objects, talk to characters, or select tactical options. The possibilities are virtually limitless, amplifying the depth and detail of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Precision and Strategy

A crucial aspect of Baldur’s Gate 3 is its strategic combat system, which relies heavily on precise control inputs. Whether it’s positioning your character, selecting an attack, using a special ability, or applying an item, the PC controls provide a level of precision and versatility that’s necessary for these complex engagements. By mastering the art of control switching and input timing, you can employ a multitude of strategies and tactics, transforming battles into intricate dances of decision-making and execution.

Symbiosis of Controls

The synergy of keyboard and mouse controls in Baldur’s Gate 3 on the PC platform creates a dynamic and immersive gaming experience. They offer not only an efficient mechanism to navigate the vast and varied game world but also the precision and adaptability required for strategic gameplay. Understanding the depth and potential of these controls is crucial, as it allows you to truly appreciate the nuances of this complex role-playing game and elevate your gameplay to new heights of engagement and accomplishment.

Transitioning Between Controls

Transitioning between the keyboard and mouse commands allows for a fluid gaming experience that keeps you in tune with the unfolding storyline. This dynamic interaction ensures that you’re always ready for whatever the game has in store, whether it’s deciphering puzzles, engaging in dialogues, or delving into high-stakes combat.

Enhancing Your Gameplay

Mastering the controls is not just about understanding their function but also about utilizing them effectively for strategic gameplay. This is especially true in a game as complex and multi-faceted as Baldur’s Gate 3. Combining keyboard commands with the precision of mouse controls can dramatically enhance your gameplay, allowing you to extract the full potential of the game’s features.

Warping Up

By grasping the details of the PC controls, you can elevate your Baldur’s Gate 3 gaming experience, carving your path through this immersive role-playing game. The controls, thus, are more than just a medium; they are an integral component of your gaming journey. Understanding and mastering them is paramount to enjoying the diverse elements of Baldur’s Gate 3 to the fullest.

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