All NPCs and their Locations in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 features a diverse cast of non-player characters (NPCs) and characters that enrich the gaming experience. These NPCs play various roles in the game, providing depth to the game’s lore, giving quests, and acting as merchants for trade or services. In this article, we delve into the comprehensive list of all the NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3, offering detailed insights about their respective locations and other pertinent information, which you can explore further in the table below.

A Comprehensive Directory of NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3

The following table provides a systematic categorization of NPCs according to their locations, facilitating easy reference for players.

Location Characters
RAVAGED BEACH Damays, Injured Mind Flayer, Nymessa, Stranded Fisher
CAMP Barcus Wroot, Halsin, Oathbreaker Knight, Raphael, The Absolute, Volo, Withers
DANK CRYPT Gimblebock, Taman, Withers
DRUID GROVE Arabella, Aradin, Arron, Auntie Ethel, Barth, Dammon, Doni, Guex, Kagha, Mattis, Mol, Nettie, Rath, Remira, Sazza, Zevlor, Zorru
SECLUDED COVE Alfira, Mirkon
OWLBEAR NEST Owlbear, Owlbear Cub
BLIGHTED VILLAGE Barcus Wroot, Buthir, Chock, Fank, Fezzerk, Grukkoh, Lump the Enlightened, Scratch
WHISPERING DEPTHS Phase Spider, Phase Spiderling, Phase Spider Matriarch
SUNLIT WETLANDS Auntie Ethel, Demir, Gandrel, Johl, Lorin, Mayrina
THE RISEN ROAD Anders, Benryn, Cyrel, Flind, Karlach, Olly, Rugan, Rurik, Trynn
GOBLIN CAMP Grat the Trader, Gribbo, Krolla, Novice Andrick, Novice Brynna, Novice Crusher, Owlbear Cub, Volo
SHATTERED SANCTUM Abdirak, Dror Ragzlin, Liam, Minthara, Roah Moonglow, Torturer Spike, True Soul Gut
THE FESTERING COVE BOOOAL, Pooldripp the Zealous
UNDERDARK Baelen Bonecloak, Bernard, Blurg, Derryth Bonecloak, Dhourn, Filro the Forgotten, Gekh Coal, Glut, Omeluum, Spaw, Thulla
GRYMFORGE Brathwen, Corsair Greymon, Elder Brithvar, Herdmaster Skarjall, Lunkbug, Philomeen, Sergeant Thrinn, Skickpit, Stonemason Kith, True Soul Nere, Ward Magmar

Diving Deeper into the Characters of Baldur’s Gate 3

As any seasoned gamer would confirm, the NPCs of Baldur’s Gate 3 are not merely background fillers; they are meticulously crafted characters with their own stories, ambitions, and roles. Their presence breathes life into the world of the game, making every interaction a meaningful engagement.

NPCs and Their Profound Roles

Let’s delve deeper into the variety of roles these NPCs undertake. Some characters, such as Myrnath and Us aboard the Nautiloid, and Barcus Wroot or Halsin at the Camp, are instrumental in leading you to quests. They provide valuable hints, directions, and sometimes, intriguing backstories that help you uncover hidden layers of the game.

Others, like Damays and the Injured Mind Flayer, reveal the intricate lore of the Baldur’s Gate 3 world. Their dialogues are treasure troves of information that can provide context and explanations to many mysteries of the game.

There are also those characters like Grat the Trader in the Goblin Camp and Bernard in the Arcane Tower who are categorized as Merchants. These characters offer a wealth of resources for the players, from weapons and armor to various commodities that are vital for your journey.

The Diversity and Depth of NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3

The comprehensive list of NPCs also showcases the diversity and depth in the character design in Baldur’s Gate 3. For example, the mystical Phase Spider, Phase Spiderling, and Phase Spider Matriarch in the Whispering Depths are a testimony to the game’s fascinating creature design.

In the Underdark, characters like Baelen Bonecloak and Filro the Forgotten serve to highlight the game’s exceptional world-building skills. They reveal the seedy underworld, its inhabitants, and the distinctive challenges it presents.

Over in the Druid Grove, a host of characters like Arabella, Auntie Ethel, and Kagha showcase the game’s focus on cultures and communities, giving players a sense of the social fabric within the game’s universe.


To summarize, every NPC, from Alfira in the Secluded Cove to True Soul Nere in Grymforge, is a thread in the tapestry that is Baldur’s Gate 3. They enrich the gameplay experience, ensuring that every playthrough is uniquely immersive. As you traverse the various locations and interact with these characters, remember that each one has a story to tell, a service to offer, or a quest to bestow, making them integral components of this dynamic gaming universe.

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